The expert jury, composed of Mare Milin, Sara Horvatić and Filip Filković Philatz, among 70 received photographs selected 14 photographs for the exhibition "Feel the Mediterranean".

The first place was won by Petra Piknjač from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture, School of Design, the second place was won by Katarina Trpčić, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture, School of Design, while the third place was won by Zrinka Zagorec, also from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture, School of Design.

Thank you for participating, and special congratulations to the authors of the selected and awarded photographs.


1. Odmor Petra Piknjač

2. Sreća prati hrabre Katarina Trpčić

3. Times change, stories remain Zrinka Zagorec

4. Sretna Maja Sokić

5. Ogoljena Karmen Ivančić

6. Viška nona Monika Vodopija

7. My secret view Zrinka Zagorec

8. Vacanza Dina Uglešić

9. Komiški zalazak Katarina Trpčić

10. Dubrovnik u suton Lucija Očko

11. Jadrija Monika Vodopija

12. Canadair Nikolas Pfanner

13. Minimalism 1.6 Alen Marić

14. Endless Alen Marić


Hi. My name is Mare Milin. I was born in 1973 in Zadar, Croatia. After high school graduation, I moved to Zagreb in 1992, and studied product design. During my studies, in 1994 I started to learn the art of photography at the university, and very soon got my first job as a theater photographer. Since then, that kind of story just went on and on. I have never become anybody else.
After 25 years, I am still a professional photographer, and since 2002 and 2006 a member of important artistic associations in Croatia. I have won several prizes, was a part of a certain number of exhibitions, worked for various agencies, theatres, dance companies, publishing houses (music, magazines, books) and all sorts of clients, however, mainly from the fashion and advertising world, since my primary interest is people- portraiture photography.
Still, my soul sometimes gets overwhelmed by the things I do daily. Then I leave my camera for a while and again, not thinking at all, I find myself taking pictures of the surroundings and nature, without people in them, in my way, treating open space as a room.
I will take photos as long as I breathe and feel.

Sara Horvatić was born in Varaždin, Croatia in 1998. She is currently a student, getting her master's degree in Filmmaking and Film and TV Production at VERN' University. Sara is the author of several short documentaries and has also worked on short fiction films, short documentaries, fiction films and music videos in various roles (production, directing, cinematography, behind the scenes post-production). As a photographer, she has exhibited her work in various group exhibitions outside of Croatia. In 2017, she had her first solo photographic exhibition Nestvarnost istine / Unreality of Truth, and in 2021. her second solo exhibition Dnevnik tišine / The Diary of Silence. At her university, Sara manages the project of Movie Nights at VERN', volunteers in PK NATATOR, she mentors in photography, marketing and social media at MFF School in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is a member of an international photography contest MIC-VIS as well as a recipient of numerous awards.

Filip Filković Philatz, born in Zagreb, Croatia. Film and advertising director and owner of More-Magnets production company. His works always have a clear genre style while skilfully keeping finger on the pulse that connects modern and art culture. His short film "The Last Well" is a co-production of Croatia and France - the film has been screened at more than 70 film festivals and has won 25 awards. His other works with extensive cultural impact include the documentary television series "Lovac na bilje" (42 episodes). The feature-length documentary series "Dulum Zemlje" (10 episodes x 52min) received acclaims and was praised for its content and original approach, it’s currently filming it’s second season. Filković is currently directing and producing a new documentary series “Ideja Uspona” (4x 52 min), “Povratak životinjama” (12 episodes x 27 min) and “Zanat” (12 episodes).Filip is currently in pre-production phase of his feature film "The Bear Peak", for which he had the opportunity to direct two scenes from the film as part of the international program Ekran+ in Poland.