Presentation Schedule

Day 1 – Wednesday, September 19th
17:00 - 19:00 Registration ROOM A
19:00 - 20:00 Conference opening
at 20:00 Welcoming drink and Exhibition "Mediterranean" opening
(Exhibition will be opened as a result of contest for best student Mediterranean photo)
Day 2 – Thursday, September 20th
9:00 - 10:00 Plenary session
“The Sea Giveth” – Ottoman Ways of Drawing on Coastal Resources in the Hinterland of Vis
(mid-16th to early 17th Century)
Michael Ursinus, professor emeritus
Head of the Chair of Islamic and Ottoman studies at Heidelberg University
10:00 - 11:30 Session: Culture and Tradition
Moderator: Ljiljana Kaliterna Lipovčan

Fabio Armand, Christian Abry
Past and present Alpine-Dinaric folk and religious concerns with malevolent mora-like ontologies
Toni Babarović, Ljiljana Kaliterna Lipovčan, Andreja Brajša-Žganec
Life satisfaction in the Mediterranean: The cradle of Europe with unhappy new-born
Irena Đokić, Karolina Domitrović
Possibilities of conserving heritage on dalmatian islands through creative europe programme
Neven Duvnjak
Content analysis of cookbooks of dalmatian cuisine. A contribution to defining eating habits in Dalmatia
Branko Kostelnik
TBF – Croatian Meditarranean pop culture leader
Stana Odak Krasić, Ivana Schildenfeld
The Šibenik Button as an ideal platform for the process of branding and for the development of cultural tourism
Session: Business and Economics
Moderator: Zrinka Gregov

Marta Adamczyk, Anna Sobczyk-Kolbuch
Internal marketing and employer branding as ways of increasing university competitiveness
Claude Cellich
Best conditions for global competitiveness
Ivana Marić, Zrinka Gregov, Jelena Kovač
The role of stakeholders in management of the local community - example the city of Hvar
Anna Sobczyk-Kolbuch, Krzysztof Szaflarski
Building competitive advantages of non-public university on international market
Eva Horvátová
Impact of financial crisis on banking sectors in Eastern and Western European countries
Davor Mikulić, Damira Keček, Damira Đukec
Key sectors in the Croatian economy: an input-output approach
Session: Sustainable Development
Moderator: Zvonimir Repač

Anita Bušljeta Tonković
The concept of sustainable sural tourism: examples of good practice in Lika (Croatia)
Gorana Jelić Mrčelić, Rea Rabadan, Merica Slišković
Comparision of the results on carbon dioxide emission obtained from The second IMO Greenhouse Gas Study 2009 and The third IMO Greenhouse Gas Study 2014
Axel Luttenberger
Governance and marine spatial planning
Geran Marko Miletić, Sara Ursić, Rašeljka Krnić
Participation of permanent and temporary residents in planning local development on Dalmatian islands: Case study from Okrug
Jasmina Ovčar, Mario Mikulan
Sustainable development – personal and insular
Zvonimir Repač, Tajana Huzak
,,Croatian Island Product" quality label, an active contributor to Croatian islands sustainable future
11:30 - 12:00 Coffee break  
12:00 - 13:30 Session: Culture and Tradition, Arhitecture
Moderator: Sara Ursić

Ozana Ramljak, Miranda Herceg, Neven Hitrec
CITIES ARE JUST LIKE PEOPLE - Literature, film and design as constructive elements of a city’s cultural identity
Irena Sertić
Heritage exhibition as a tool for connecting different maritime communities
Lynette Škić - Mićanović, Jadranka Rebeka Anić, Željka Zdravković
Leisure time use in Croatia: gender and regional differences
Jorge Aldama
Anett Rácz, Gergő Zilizi
Virtual reality aided historical exhibition and monument reconstruction
Session: Business and Economics
Moderator: Nataša Levak

Anna Sobczyk-Kolbuch
Chosen Polish and international brands on EU-market and their perception in the eyes of younger consumers – the results of international surveys
Dominika Ochnik
Leadership vocational interests and the challenges of the future management
Slađana Pavlinović Mršić
Anatomy of Dalmatian Islands economy
Hrvoje Sivrić, Marija Slijepčević, Ivona Blažević
Influence of selected marketing mix elements on the choice of sports product of Mediterranean and continental Croatia
Jadranka Ivanković, Diana Plantić Tadić, Moreno Pavličić
The role of customer relationship management in the luxury hotels in the Republic of Croatia
Jadranka Ivanković, Zlatko Hodak
The role of destination management in the development of tourism on the croatian islands
Session: Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy Sources
Moderator: Marko Mustapić

Ivan Perkov
Coping with ecological problems in cities on the Mediterranean coast: sociological aspects of the Karepovac waste disposal recovery in Split, Croatia
Lidija Runko Luttenberger
Environmental and social impact assessments regarding tourism projects in Croatia
Nenad Starc, Sean Turner
Legalizing islandness – benefits of the brave new Croatian Island Act
Inga Tomić - Koludrović, Ivan Puzek, Mirko Petrić
Gender division of household labour in Mediterranean and Continental Croatia: An analysis of the 2017 survey results
Frano Barbir, Jakov Šimunović
How can an island be energy self – sufficient?
Alexandre Chikalanov, Mariyana Lyubenova, Yulian Petkov
Cost Effectiveness Assessment of Forest Ecosystem Services for Water Bodies Protection
Slavko Titan
Revolutionary entry of condensing heating technologies into the Republic of Croatia
13:30 - 15:30 Break  
15:30 - 17:30 Session: Arts and Literature
Moderator: Ivan Perkov

Elena Blanch
The representation of maternity in Spanish sculpture of the 20th and 21st-century
Nikša Eterović
A pharmacy of poetry – with poetry from Tin Ujević in innovation, prevention and therapy
Lidija Fištrek
The images in the text by Jozo Kljaković
Marta Račić, Antonio Sammartino
Poetry as a significant identity marker of Molise Croats
Tomislav Zelić
The Pitfalls of Mediterraneanism in Hermann Bahr's Dalmatian Travelogue (1909)
Tomislav Zelić
Imaginations of the Dalmatian Archipelago in German Literature and Culture
Session: Migration, Demography
Moderator: Katica Jurčević

Natasha Levak, Marina Perić Kaselj, Katica Jurčević, Maria Florencia - Luchetti
Re-migration and second generation's movement to Split, Croatia: financial, political, educational, and emotional perspectives and processes undergone by women who moved to Split
Maria Florencia - Luchetti, Natasha Levak, Marina Perić Kaselj, Katica Jurčević
Dubrovnikans in South America: contemplating identity through historical and contemporary perspectives
Stjepan Šterc
Big migrations – security threat to Mediterranean islands
Lana Lučić, Ljiljana Kaliterna-Lipovčan, Tihana Brkljačić, Andreja Brajša Žganec, Maja Tadić
Happy Croatians, where are thou?
Anton Petričević
An impact of emigration and negative demographic trends on the Croatian labor market
Inoslav Bešker, Ana Radović
Kapor Migrations narrative between the politics and the literature
Session: Education
Moderator: Toni Babarović

Nikolina Borčić, Sanda Marjanović
Communication in foreign languages and higher education curriculum for the study of tourism and hospitality industry
Dubravko Kraus, Darija Prša, Krasnodar Peršun
Evaluation of student competences acquired and developed while participating in the mobility program
Kata Magaš
Croatian islands in the educational system of the Republic of Croatia
Mariusz Samoraj
Culture and tradition as a source in regional education in chosen parts of Poland
Rahaela Varga, Anđelka Peko, Matea Sabljak
Pre-service teachers' concerns about multigrade teaching
Zuzanna Wojciechowska
Functions of education in the perspective of experiencing changes in professional life by generation 30+ and 60+
Mirela Müller
The impact of technology for the development of tourism and the prevention of youth emigrants- example of research of the island Okrug Gornji (Čiovo)
El Moueffak Mohamed
Analysis of the capacity of regional, provincial and local actors to implement an integrated model for improvement of the secondary schools
Svea Kršul, Silvana Fratrić Kunac, Branka Šuput
An analysis of student learning experience on a field trip to the island of Vis
19:30 - 20:30 Open Air Concert
Traditional Dalmatian songs
Day 3 – Friday, September 21st
9:00 - 10:30 Session: Tourism
Moderator: Gordana Ćorić

Ekatarina Blinova, Marina Gregorić, Martina Gregorić, Dajana Maria Horvat
Corporate social responsibility of international and local hotels operating in Russian and Croatian markets
Miro Borić, Leon Cappelli
The islands of Split-Dalmatia County as a part of the tourist promotion of Croatia
Marina Gregorić, Ivan Hegeduš, Ana Vrkljan Muraj
Development factors of manifestation tourism based on the example of renaissance festival in the city of Koprivnica
Marina Gregorić, Ekatarina Blinova, Melita Sečan
Awareness and perception of Russia as a tourist destination in Croatian market
Tomaž Kolar, Robert Masten
Exploring escape rooms phenomenon from a visitor standpoint
Session: Agriculture, Marine and Biology, Geography
Moderator: Borna Jurčević

Vinko Krstanović, Kristina Mastanjević, Vedran Slačanac, Bojan Šarkanj, Krešimir Mastanjević
EU legislative and mycotoxins in malt and beer – are we taking fungi seriously?
Zorica Prnjat, Ljiljana Marković
Conversion of Japanese geographical names in Serbian and Croatian
Majda Rubić
Geographical position of the Croatian archipelago in the context of the European Parliament resolution on the special situation of the islands
Damir Magaš
Karst Fields (Poljes) of Dugi Otok (Croatia) on Topographic Maps
Session: Media and Communication
Moderator: Marija Slijepčević

Nikolina Borčić, Mara Pekez
German media narratives about Croatia and Croatian tourism
Boris Hajoš, Mateja Popović
Public relations of civil society organizations in Croatia
Mirela Holy
Sustainable tourism development in the Mediterranean: does marketing activities point to sustainable strategies?
Zdravko Kedžo
Trust in the mass media from the aspects of communication, institutions and public politics
Tihana Babić, Silvija Grgić
Net generation and a perception of the electronic violence
Pave Ivić
Impact of media on business activity in crisis
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee break  
11:00 - 12:30 Session: Tourism, History
Moderator: Dionigi Albera

Ivan Maloča, Ozana Ramljak, Pavo Vranešević
Promoting destinations through film: Croatian film and Mediterranean region
Mladen Pancić, Tatjana Roth, Tihana Pancić
The role of branding in tourist destination development
Stanko Rihtar, Saša Poljanec-Borić, Ivana Ferić
Intensity of exploitation and quality of inland, coastal and island tourist destinations in Croatia: an empirical insight
Dionigi Albera
The Virgin Mary as a bridge between Christianity and Islam: a Mediterranean exploration
Zlatko Đukić
Navigational regulations in the adriatic sea laid down in statutes of Dalmatian cities and communes
Anica Hunjet, Dijana Vuković, Predrag Čudina
The role perceptions of sustainability as a competitive dimension of tourist offers
Session: Public Services, Sport, Security
Moderator: Benjamin Perasović

Pedro Aldama, Julia Aldama Blanch
The risks of sustainability of the Mediterranean social security systems in the face of aging and migration phenomena
Pablo Aldama, Inés López-Dóriga
How are disruptive technologies changing Mediterranean cities and their mobility
Predrag Bejaković, Željko Mrnjavac
Lessons from local labour market policies and activities on the islands in the EU and Croatia
Sara Ursić, Geran-Marko Miletić
Living on islands: How seasonality affect the availability of amenities?
Josip Kasum, Željka Primorac, Marko Pilić
The influence of islands infrastructure on security, sustainability and development of nautical tourism
Marko Mustapić, Benjamin Perasović, Renata Franc
Sport and socialization in the local community: A case study of Zale Igrane Water Polo Club
Damir Škaro, Borna Jurij Jurčević
Sport and religion on the Mediterranean
Goran Oreb, Ivan Oreb, Bor Oreb
Analysis of the use of program contents of sailing center
Session: Media and Communication
Moderator: Mirela Holy

Tomislav Levak, Snježana Barić-Šelmić
Prevalence of tourist content on official websites and social network pages of croatian cities
Klara Lisec, Dubravko Kraus
The role of new media in cultural diplomacy
Tomislav Štuka
Transmedia storytelling and entertainment Industry
Karlo Tašler, Gordana Ćorić, Iva Senegović
The role of media in the realization of the successful communication: three case studies
Tihana Babić, Iva Vunarić, Andrej Lacković
Information ethics on social networks: students perspective – a preliminary report
Stana Odak Krasić, Marija Volarević, Milica Vučković
How Croatian tourist boards promote destinations online? Content analysis of Facebook communication of tourist boards in Croatia.
12:30 - 14:00 Break  
14:30 - 18:30 Social Program
Social program will include guided tour around the island of Vis and visit to the City of Komiža
The Town of Komiža
at 20:00 Gala Dinner
Gala dinner will be held in the amazing interior of 200 years old Fort George, which is surrounded by beautiful scenery and incomparable view of the sea
Fort George
Day 4 – Saturday, September 22nd
10:00 - 11:30 Wrap up and closing session ROOM A