Keynote speakers

Milan Puh


Milan Puh (1986, Pula), PhD in Education and Linguistics at the University of São Paulo (USP), Master of Science in Portuguese Language and Literature at USP, Master of Linguistics at the University of Zagreb and Bachelor of Portuguese Language and Literature and Anthropology at UNIZG. Member of Post-graduate Program at the Faculty of Education at USP and head of the Center for Portuguese as a Foreign Language at the Federal University of Bahia. Professor of the Croatian language in Croatia Sacra Paulistana (CSP) and Sociedade Amigos da Dalmácia (SADA), two Croatian associations in Sao Paulo. Head of the research project History of Croats and Croatian immigration in Brazil between 2015 and 2019, during which four books were written. Associate researcher for Slavic languages on the project "Migration as the basis of international cooperation in the field of language and education" of the University of the Federal State of Paraná in Brazil. Organizer of the "Concourse for the best short story and scientific article" at Sociedade Amigos da Dalmácia in São Paulo since 2020 and of the “Guide for returnees and immigrants to the Republic of Croatia” (2023). Invited lecturer in Germany, Angola, Croatia, Bulgaria, Argentina and Brazil.

Robin Degron, Ph.D


Dr. Sc. Robin Degron is director of Plan Bleu (UNEP/MAP). He is Professor at Paris 1 - Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Member of UMR LADYSS and Senior auditor of Cour des Comptes. He is notably scientific adviser to Futuribles International journal. He is a specialist in biogeography and prospective. He was a special adviser to the High Commissioner for Strategy and Prospective (France Stratégie), deputy head of the statistics department of Ministry of Environment, editor-in-chief of the report on French State of Environment and co-editor of European State of Environment for EEA. His publications include seven books and more than sixty papers on sustainable development, ecology, governance, green finance and prospective.

Dinko Radić, Ph.D


Dinko Radić graduated in archeology and history at the University of Zagreb. He spent most of his working life in Vela Luka on the island of Korčula. His professional interest is directed towards the study of prehistory in Central Dalmatia. He explored a dozen mostly cave sites on Korčula and the surrounding islands. He has published a number of scientific and professional papers in Croatian and foreign journals. He cooperated and cooperates with several Croatian and international scientists and their institutions. Dinko Radić currently holds the position of director of the Native Museum of the town of Vis.