Instructions for authors


The editorial board only accepts manuscripts that are written in English, which have not been previously published and which are presented at MIC – Vis, 2022 Conference. Manuscripts should be submitted only in electronic form online via the official conference web page Full-Paper.



  1. The length of articles (including references, notes, figures and tables) should not exceed 3000 words
  2. Contributions should be double spaced and all pages should be numbered.
  3. The first page should contain the author ’s name and surname, the name and address of the institution in which the author is employed, and the title of the article written in capital letters (The editorial board will delete this information before sending the manuscript to be reviewed).
  4. The proceedings uses APA style ( to format references in the text and bibliography.
  5. In the reference list or bibliography, the author should provide full references for all the works mentioned in the text; also, the reference list should contain only those sources mentioned in the text. They should be listed alphabetically according to the surname of the author, and chronologically if a particular author has more than one work. If several works by the same author were published in the same year, they should be differentiated by letters (a, b, c, etc.) following the year of publication. If a work was written by several authors, all authors should be listed instead of using "et al." or "and collaborators".
  6. When an article or bibliographic record has a DOI, use the DOI number in the reference list (it is possible to look up the DOI number here: guestquery/).
  7. For works accessible through the internet, the main information (title, author etc.) and the source (http://) should be provided.
  8. A summary written in English should also be included. The summary should not exceed 300 words and should indicate the aim of the work, the methodology used, and the most important findings and conclusions. Authors should specify up to five key words.
  9. Graphical appendices need to be in black and white, saved in original format, with their size and complexity adjusted to the format of the proceeding so that all elements are clear and visible.

Formatting references in the text according to APA style:

The sources should be cited in the text, not in the footnotes. The reference should be in brackets, containing the author ’s surname and year of publication e.g.: (Mumford, 1962) or Mumford (1962). The page number should be included for quotations or references to books e.g.: (Mumford, 1962, p. 99).
If the reference was written by two authors, both should be mentioned e.g.: (Berger& Luckmann, 1992).
If the work has three, four or five authors, all the authors’ surnames should be listed in parentheses after the first citation. In repeated citations the form "et al." is used. (Andlar, Aničić, Pereković, Rechner Dika, & Hrdalo, 2011); (Andlar et al., 2011).
If the work was written by six or more authors, the form "et al." is used from the first citation on, e.g.: (Prelog et al., 1979) or Prelog et al. (1979).
All references in the text should be given as they were given the first time, i.e., forms such as "Ibid.", "Op. cit." and the like, are not used. Authors should use footnotes exclusively for commenting on or expanding on what is referred to in the text.

The reference list should be written in APA style as in the following examples:
Book – one author: Mumford, L. (1962). The city in history. New York: Harcourt,Brace & World, Inc.
Book – several authors: Portes, A., & DeWind, J. (2008). Rethinking migration: New the- oretical and empirical perspectives. New York: Berghahn Books.
Work from an anthology: Greenberg, M., & Hughes-Evans, D. (1980). Air pollution. In J. Aldrich (Ed.), Atmosphere, weather and climate (Vol. 3, pp. 35–75). London: Methuen.

Article in a journal with a DOI number: Leach, S., & Lowndes, V. (2007). Of roles and rules. Analysing the changing relationship between political leaders and chief execu- tives in local government. Public Policy and Administration, 22(2), 183–200. doi:10. 1177/0952076707075892
Article in a journal without a DOI number: Galešić, M., & Stepanić, J. (2003). Toward parameterisation of E-mail mediated communication. Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems – INDECS, 1(1–2), 54–65. Available at
Unpublished doctoral dissertation: Surname, X. (Year). Title of dissertation. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Name of institution, Location.
Published conference paper: Author of Paper, A., & Author of Paper, B. (Year, Month date). Title of paper. In A. Editor, B. Editor, & C. Editor, Title of published proceedings. Paper presented at Title of Conference: Subtitle of Conference, Location (inclusive page numbers). Place of publication: Publisher.
Laws and regulations: Act on vocational rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities. Official Gazette, 143/2002, 33/2005.
Article in newspaper (unsigned): Article title. (Date of issue). Name of newspaper, p. xx. Article in newspaper (signed by author), electronic source: Author, A. A. (Year, Month, Day). Title of article. Title of Newspaper. Available at URL of specific article. Other examples can be found at