Ivo Pilar Institute
Ivo Pilar Institute The Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar is a public scientific institution that was founded within the University of Zagreb on November 26th, 1991 by the decision of the University Assembly. Its areas and fields of scientific research are: a) social sciences (psychology, sociology, demography, education and rehabilitation sciences, political sciences, economics, information and communication sciences), b) humanities (history, theology, philosophy, ethnology and anthropology, religion science, philology) and c) interdisciplinary scientific areas (cognitive sciences, geography, gender studies). The Institute`s head office is in Zagreb, but the Institute also has 7 regional centres (Pula, Gospić, Split, Dubrovnik, Varaždin, Osijek, and Vukovar). Ivo Pilar Institute has so far taken part in more than 330 research projects, of which 60 international projects. Among the international projects, the most prominent projects are those financed by the European Union, like "MYPLACE - Memory, Youth, Political Legacy And Civic Engagement", and "MYWEB – Measuring Youth Wellbeing", which are financed under the 7th framework programme. Also, the Institute has collaborated with other international institutions, like UNICEF, ERSTE Foundation, and Open Society Foundation. Since its foundation the Institute has published 90 books, including 45 collections, 20 studies, and 18 special editions, such as monographs.

VERN' Univernsity of Aapplied Sciences VERN' University is the oldest and the largest private institution in Croatia's higher education sector, with a tradition of providing educational activities in the European sector of higher education. With the appearance of VERN' and its market positioning, for the first time in Croatia, education has become a market-based brand in its true meaning. VERN’ offers seven bachelor and five master level studies in the fields of economics, finance, media, tourism, ICT and applied arts. Also VERN’ offer an international MBA program. VERN' continuously works to broaden its international network of partnerships and co-operation agreements. International activities are running with cooperation and membership through international organizations and projects, such as the European Foundation for Management Development, EURHODIP – Leading Hotel Schools in Europe, European Public Relations Education and Research Association, ERASMUS+ program for students, teachers and non-teaching staff etc. VERN' University is dedicated to the education of multidisciplinary experts, whose energy, innovation, ambition and entrepreneurial culture are the strongest guarantee for establishing successful economic and social environment for the benefit of whole community. Today the brand of VERN' is recognized by Croatian public as a highly distinguished in professional private business education, based on entrepreneurial philosophy and verified global educational standards.